Adventure is Out There

If you are reading this, it is likely that you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Family and/or Friends who I have pestered and begged to read my blog, and have finally relented
  • A skilled web-surfer, dedicated to finding the corners of the web still wild, and untouched by the reckless whims of a mass media society
  • A dedicated fan of my works from the future who has gone to such lengths as to comb through my unquestionably excellent content, in order to uncover the gem that is my humble beginning
  • An innocent web surfer who has stumbled here on accident, and is horrified to realize that I have captured enough of your interest to intrigue you to read this.

If I have missed a category, and it is one that you believe would describe your unique situation, please feel free to leave me a heated message in the comment section, and I will do my best to appease your anger. Now, however, I will attempt to shed the proverbial light on my blog, while speaking specifically to the specific interest groups I have outlines above.

As I stumble around in the dark, and attempt to find the light that will illuminate the empty room that will become my blog, the first group I must address are my friends and family. Given the fact that this is a personal blog, many experiences I reflect upon here may or may not involve thoughts and/or events that I have shared with you. The people who surround me are the ones who have ultimately assisted in shaping me, and helped me to become what I am now, and will continue to assist me as I grow, and change. Because you mean so much to me, I will allow you a privilege that few readers will be afforded. Due to the inevitable fact that you are probably reading this against your will, or to stifle my pestering, I offer this simple hint. Generally, my first paragraph, and last paragraph will contain a brief overview of the content that I have covered in my passionate, informed, and entertaining entry. If you read these paragraphs briefly, and regurgitate a sentence or two from them while following with a positive remark, I will bother you no further.

As for the rest of you, you could only hope to be so lucky.

For the web surfer, looking for untamed, original content, I can assure you that this will deliver such a product. This blog will feature the all original, patent pending thoughts of my mind. As a busy, multi-faceted, and attention deficit hyper active individual, I can guarantee the rawness of my thoughts. Although hidden by a delightful, well reformed, and educated prose, you will find that my content will delight the adventurer inside of you. This blog will feature whatever I, the almighty writer, choose to put my pen to. There are no limits, no boundaries, no rules. The topics may vary as wide as the gap between a redneck and a refined educator, and invoke emotions that you yourself may not understand (disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, so don’t ask me to help you decipher your feelings). The goal at all times will be to inform, entertain and enlighten my faithful readers. So if this is the adventure you seek, by all means join me for the ride.

To the dedicated fans from the future, may I first congratulate you for your diligence. To find this post would have taken feats of mental strength and perseverance that I myself cannot imagine. If you are here to find the last clue of an epic search that I have sent you on, I must now inform you that the quest was a ruse to invest you in my works, and that the real treasure is unfaltering friendship, and true love (you should have learned that from Disney). If, on the other hand,you have dispatched yourself to find my humble beginnings, you have stumbled upon the roots. I hope that my writing lives up to your expectations, and that you have come to enjoy what I call my grand adventure.

And lastly, I address the innocent stumbler. The one who has found himself here, trapped by the works of an ADHD writer. I assure you that my madness is calculated, and that my blog is indeed as weird as it sounds. The wonderful fact, however, is that you and I are not so dissimilar after all. You are as new to this blog as I am now. Your horizons are as broad as mine. You can do with this blog whatever you like, and take it in any direction you please, just as I am given the same blank slate. My words and thoughts will surprise me as much as they will surprise you, and I cannot specify a direction just as you cannot predict my future writing. I can however, guarantee that it will be on hell of a rodeo!

This rodeo is just beginning, and I hope this passage has at least swept a flashlight across the empty room that I now currently inhabit. If the fleeting light has caught a glimmer of interest in your mental peripherals, I encourage you to stick around. Come explore with me, and I promise that you will not regret it

Random: [ran-duh m]- Adjective: proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.